AW Energy

We believe that the clean, green energy produced by AWRenewables should be used to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible, which is why we’re tackling some of the UK’s biggest carbon contributors, head on.

In 2019, transport produced 27% of the UK’s total emissions.  We know that electric vehicles need to be powered by renewable energy to be truly green, so it is our job to harness power from the wind and sun and deliver it straight to the vehicles on our forecourts, wherever we can.

We want to help electric vehicle drivers to feel confident that by using our charging stations, their cars onward journeys won’t be contributing to our nation’s carbon emissions.

Our vision is that drivers will be able to watch the actual turbine that generated the electricity they’re using, while they charge their vehicle.  It’s the modern-day version of buying milk from the dairy and seeing the cows that produced it.

We use batteries and smart switches to ensure that supply is always available and to smooth out the huge surges in power that our turbines can produce.  When it’s windy and we generate too much power, we supply the National Grid or store what we don’t need and use it when the wind is calmer, or at night when the solar panels shut down.

Not only are we powering change through electric vehicle charging, but we are also working with Central Bedfordshire Council to transition buses in Leighton Buzzard from diesel to electric.  It is through this and many other, local initiatives that we are making the future of a net zero nation a reality, and we’re bringing our community with us.

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