AW Geothermal

Every great business has big ambitions, and ours is no exception.  A decade ago, the AWGroup had the ambition and drive to be an industry leader in renewable energy, and every day since, we have worked tirelessly to make that goal a reality.

To enable all houses in our communities to be compliant with the new Building Regulations requirement, Part L, which prohibits the use of fossil fuels in new build domestic heating from 2025, we will be installing borehole arrays with connected ground source heat networks to provide homes with their heating, cooling, and hot water.

The pipework and infrastructure necessary to support new communities with ground source heat is provided by us, in conjunction with specialist partners.  We support homeowners with a fully serviced and maintained system, all the way from the community’s boreholes to their meter and thence to their own home heating system.

Often, we will own, operate, and manage the ambient heat network of pipes from borehole to meter.  By so doing, our developers and homeowners alike will have the assurance that we will be there to support them at every step, every day, making natural home heating a reality, long into the future.

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