AW Renewables

The Green and Renewable Energy sector is experiencing enormous change, as our nation moves towards a more positive and receptive understanding of the reality of our need for energy security.  The more energy we can produce for ourselves, the less we need to rely on other countries.  The more of that energy that can be produced as renewable, truly green power, from resources such as wind and solar, the less damage we will do to our environment, and the more we will be able to protect our long-term energy security.  Fossil fuels will one day run out, wind and solar won’t.

We are the green generation powerhouse of the AWGroup family.  With wind and solar combined, we will be able to generate over 13,000 Mega Watt Hours of renewable energy every year.  That’s enough to power 3,250 homes, all year round. In other words, we will have the ability to save 3,500 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (equivalent) from entering our atmosphere.

We are proud to say that we operate the two tallest onshore turbines in the UK, but what does that really mean?

It means that our turbines have enormous blades, each sweeping a vast area of sky, maximising the energy from the wind. By using magnets instead of cogs like the flour windmills of old, huge amounts of electricity are generated within the turbines and it is this that we will harvest for use all throughout local communities.  We now have exciting plans for a yet more powerful turbine, which we hope will be operational by 2023.

We operate our turbines under strict planning conditions designed to protect the amenity of our nearest neighbours and our turbines are iconic and very quiet.

We also work closely with AWDevelopment to promote, build and operate energy centres as an integral element of new housing and mixed development schemes. In doing so, we hope to significantly accelerate the Government’s desire for zero carbon developments to become the norm.