It’s Time to Unlock the Significant Untapped Potential of Former Quarries

We’ve all seen the fierce debates, particularly over the past year, regarding suitable locations to develop the much-needed new homes that the UK desperately needs to tackle the housing crisis.

The Government continues to be bold in its aspirations to deliver the new homes needed for future generations, and, as an ambitious, forward thinking business, Arnold White Group shares this vision. However, there is clearly a significant challenge of balancing the need to deliver new homes and meet housebuilding targets, whilst minimising the impact on green spaces.

It is clear that former quarries have significant untapped potential for residential development. Across the country, there are vast numbers of former quarries that could facilitate the delivery of a huge number of new homes, yet at present they are massively underutilised.

Research indicates that there is potential to build 80,000 homes on former quarries by 2030 in the eight counties around London. Across the country, this figure is estimated to be around 200,000. That’s potentially 200,000 fewer homes which are required to be built on the Green Belt. It presents a sustainable alternative to Green Belt release.

We have demonstrated how this can work with our proposals for Checkley Wood. A former quarry, Checkley Wood would be brought back to life through our plans for a low carbon, sustainable new community fit for future generations. We are excited for these proposals to come to fruition and become an example of what can be achieved when former quarries are redeveloped.

However, the sticking point comes in the form of National Planning Policy. The NPPF does not recognise quarried land as previously developed. This means that untouched green spaces are being developed ahead of manufactured land like former quarries.

The challenges of today, such as the housing crisis and the climate emergency, require innovative solutions. We believe that developing former quarries can provide a sustainable solution to delivering the homes needed, whilst protecting more green spaces around the country.