Post Covid Think Tank

Think Tank

These are exciting but also very challenging times for us all. There is increasing evidence that, after the Covid-19 pandemic has eased, society will want, and demand, a different approach to development.

For that reason, we have assembled a team of experts charged with the responsibility of developing a blueprint for the development that responds to emerging challenges, especially in the context of Covid-19. Our ambition is to create a bold vision for cohesive communities that provides solutions to the issues arising from the ageing population, the healthcare of those people in the community and flexible working patterns. In addition, our vision will consider the need to respond positively to what many local authorities have declared as being “The Climate Emergency”.

Part of those solutions will address the need for schemes to be zero carbon, address the challenges of on-site “green” energy generation and storage, as well as providing answers to the technical challenges of drone deliveries and driverless cars.